getSubscriptionTopic(tableName, [actionName])


tableName a string indicating the name of the shared stream table.

actionName a string indicating the name of the subscription task. It can use letters, digits and underscore.


Return a tuple with 2 elements: the subscription topic name and a list of column names of the stream table. Can only be executed on a publisher node.

The subscription topic name is a combination of the information about the node that the stream table is located (the intranet IP address, port number and node alias separated by “:”), the stream table name, and the subscription task name (if actionName is specified) separated by “/”.


The following script is executed on a node with alias “rh8502”:

$ t=streamTable(1000000:0,`date`time`sym`qty`price`exch,[DATE,TIME,SYMBOL,INT,DOUBLE,SYMBOL])
$ share t as trades
$ trades_1=streamTable(1000000:0,`date`time`sym`qty`price`exch,[DATE,TIME,SYMBOL,INT,DOUBLE,SYMBOL])
$ subscribeTable(tableName=`trades, actionName=`vwap, offset=-1, handler=append!{trades_1})
$ getSubscriptionTopic(`trades,`vwap);