Chapter 1: Introduction

DolphinDB is an extremely fast time-series database and data analytics system with unlimited scaling capacity. It has built-in parallel and distributed computing supports. It comes with battery included for real time data processing and analytics across unlimited computing nodes.

DolphinDB is specially designed for applications that demand extremely high running speed. Data structures, algorithms, templates, and high level SQL queries are all carefully tuned to deliver optimal performance. A stand-alone DolphinDB system maintains the high performance even if the size of data exceeds the available memory.

DolphinDB supports commonly used data structures including vectors, matrices, dictionaries and tables as well as corresponding manipulation and query routines. It also offers a fully-featured scripting language. In DolphinDB, there is no clear boundary between database and programming language. They are integrated seamlessly. DolphinDB delivers optimal performance for real-time applications where even one millisecond matters.

The scripting language in DolphinDB is very easy to use. If you have programmed with SQL or Python, you will be very comfortable with DolphinDB scripting language since its syntax is very similar to these languages.

DolphinDB is written in C++. DolphinDB provides Python, Java, C++, R, C#, JavaScript and Excel API for integration with existing applications.